Milan (Italy)

17TH September

Italian Workshop

Italian social and conventional enterprises' representatives to discuss about gender issues

GBPM_Italian Workshop_3_gray

Italian social enterprises and conventional enterprises’ representatives to discuss about gender issues; problems and best practices to foster women’s participation to top manager positions. The major objective of the day was to disseminate the results of our national study on gender power map and the participation of women to top manager positions in Italy both in social and in conventional enterprises. The second aim was to promote the best practices to professionals from social enterprises, private sector and other stakeholders.

Thanks to this day, we tried to raise awareness of the topic, identify common features and differences, best practices and structures. The debates and exchanges raised ended up in common conclusions and recommendations on how to foster gender in decision making processes.

In Italy, as in other European Union’s countries, women have been still under-represented in top manager positions both in social and convention enterprises. Some businesses took some measures to encourage women’s participation to top manager positions. Nevertheless, the problem is larger and does not only involve the presence of women in this positions but also their behaviour toward labor market, time management, work-life balance, training and cultural background.

During the three workshops the participants discussed on common problems toward gender issue, shared best practices coming from different fields of activities and different backgrounds and realities. Among them, in fact, there were people working in social cooperatives, communication agencies, IT companies and insurances.