National studies

Research activities

One of the most important activities of the project consists of carrying out national qualitative studies that aims at establishing the state of arts of the participation and access of women to decision-making positions in conventional enterprises and enterprises in the social economy in each partner country. The research will also take into consideration cultural, historical and political factors that came into play in each country and shaped the evolution of equal participation of women and men to economic decision-making.


The studies will gather:

  • An analysis of existing legal documents / policies / laws / strategies at national level concerning gender equality in the area of economic decision making;
  • An analysis of opportunities for women to participate in decision making levels in conventional and social economy enterprises;
  • An identification of barriers faced by women on their way to economic decision-making positions;
  • A comparison between barriers met in the conventional economic system and in the social economy system (often regarded as an alternative one);
  • A collection of practices and incentives contributing to supporting the access of women to top level positions.


It aims at reaching one expected result of the project, which is having an improved knowledge among key stakeholders on the access of women to decision – making positions in the sector of conventional and social enterprises in the six partner countries.