Gruppo Cooperativo CGM

CGM is the largest network of social enterprises in Italy. Our purposes are the safeguard and the promotion of common goods within not-for-profit economy tools. 42,000 employees have been working in the 1,000 enterprises - consortia, co-ops and social enterprises –part of CGM’s network. They have been working in the production of services for people, in the management of common goods and in the traditional areas of social cooperation such as care of feebleness, education, inclusion, work inclusion and also in new markets and innovative areas such as renewable energies and environment safeguard, food, health, social housing, culture and tourism. This services reach about 800,000 people all over Italy and produce an aggregated turnover of about 1.4 billion euros.

Project Leader

Pierluca Ghibelli


Via Marco Aurelio, 8
20127 Milano

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+39 02 36579654

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